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How to lose Stored FAT!!
Friday. 11.3.06 11:19 am
how to lose stored fat ....

Here are some things I have noticed from people around me that are losing weight. Those who CHOOSE to follow these tips HAVE seen drastic results. A healthier lifestyle and a toned/fit body is up to you.

1. Food intake (energy/caloric intake).

bottom line. 60% of your success is the amount of calories/energy you take in. Rule of thumb, NEVER go under 1,200 and ... the average american will gain weight at 1,800 calories. Try to use these calories wisely ... taking in fruits, veggies, and the right percentages of carbs, protiens, and fats. This is the first battle.

2. Water consumption.

Drink enough water. Take the number of 1/2 your weight ... this is your number of oz. If you are active, 2/3rds of your weight is your new number. DRINK THAT WATER!

3. Burn those calories.

It really is that easy. If you burn the calories you take in ... exactly ... you will maintain your weight. If you take in more calories than you expend ... your body will store that energy (calories) ... "stored fat". Pinch your arms, belly, legs ... those are all the times you ate more than you expended.

I do meet people who say ... "but, i run 3 miles every single day and i'm not seeing any results!" Your body will adjust to movement done repetatively. So, change up your workout routine every couple of weeks.
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dave kkama67 alexsedotcx Dilated

oh gosh O_O;;; that's a freaky picture X_x;

thanks for the tips!!! =DDD

oh, and WELCOME to NuTang ;) btw, invisible tends to get rid of all modules on her layouts so if you're trying to get a module up and it's not appearing, that's probably why ^_^


» Kuri on 2006-11-03 12:41:30

I was drinking that much water over the summer, but at school it's harder, because I'm lazy and don't refill the pitcher like I should. I also don't want to burn through a brita filter a week... but I don't want to pay a dollar a day for a liter of water.

hrm, that's some math to do
» ikimashokie on 2006-11-03 01:17:05

Oh, not one liter, three.

» ikimashokie on 2006-11-03 01:17:15

Nice tips! My mom is worried about her weight (though I see no need to), so I'll pass these along. Why no less than 1200 cal?
» dave on 2006-11-03 01:26:00

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