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My mom just lost her job
Sunday. 11.5.06 1:54 pm
My mom has been working for this company for the past 20 some years and they want to lay her off. That is soooo wrong. They have been making her workplace so uncomfortalbe and tyring to make her quit by saying that she is under investigation. Her email was monitored and so were her phone calls. So since she hung in there they told her that they are redesigning her dept. and closing all the divisions under her so at the end of Feb. she no longer has a job. That is so messed up. They are giving her 4 months severents pay but what will she do after that? I just want to them!

Whaaaa? How awful of them. I'd go to their competitor and apply for a job there. That'll teach the place that laid her off.
» ikimashokie on 2006-11-05 01:58:16

that's super horrible :( I can't believe they were trying to make her quit so they wouldn't have to pay her any severnce pay or anything...how crappy! That is not a good company to be working for!!!
» lazypuppy on 2006-11-05 02:12:13

I'll help u kick their as*es!
So wrong! Sorry your Mom has to go through this. Keep us posted!
» JMC on 2006-11-05 04:13:16

That's soooo wrong! I hope everything turns out alright for her. On the bright side I don't think companies HAVE to give people severence pay, or that much at least. I know I didn't when my last job laid me off.
» Katrina on 2006-11-05 05:40:16

Evil! >:O
That's undoubtably bastardous. >:|

But hopefully, things will turn out for the best for your mother. :3
» InsaneFishy on 2006-11-05 09:24:57

What did she do?
» Dilated on 2006-11-05 10:22:40

That's horrible. my mom got fired from her last job because she was half and hour late after spending all night in the hospital with me stepdad. She's long since gotten a better job with better people. Anywho, my burn is fine. I don't normally take care of cuts and stuff. I never have. Only time I did was when I was too little to fight my mom on it. Oh well. I hope your mom finds a better job. :)
» LostSoul13 on 2006-11-05 11:27:56

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