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Sister in peril
Wednesday. 11.8.06 8:08 pm

My sister called today. I said, "hello?" then she said, "I'm nervous." She did not even say hello back. I could feel the anxiety in her voice and I tried to stay calm. I asked, "nervous about what? What is happening right now?" She said, "Well, everything is happening so fast and I am nervous that he will find out and I will be in danger." I tried to calm her down by organizing her thoughts for her and making a plan. She has a plan but everything is timing. Everything has to fall in place just right because there is no room for error. Please pray for her...

??? What's happening so fast? I'm confused...
» randomjunk on 2006-11-08 08:14:14

oh no!
i dont know whats goin on...but ill pray for her anyway!
» invisibleinkling on 2006-11-08 08:16:25

I'm sorry
A friend of mine was in the same boat and it was very scary. I wish her the best of luck and to be careful. I will pray for her till she is safe and sound. Please, keep me updates.
» Princess_00 on 2006-11-08 08:39:17

:/ Does she need a pair of steel-toed boots so she can kick him?

I stuck with the rice flour, it was the taste on the outside I was looking for.
» ikimashokie on 2006-11-08 09:39:41

I am in a crazy world. :)

I really wish your sister the best. It's good that she has you there.
» sarah on 2006-11-08 10:03:32

The next one is going to be... erh... I don't know. I couldn't find any good flavorings, so I think I'm gonna stick with plain/adzuki, unless I find something else.
» ikimashokie on 2006-11-08 10:32:22

oooh, you're on gaia? I'm... *drumroll* ikimashokie!
» ikimashokie on 2006-11-08 10:35:35

You're Welcome!!!
Yes, I love baby shopping. I have tons of stuff and keep telling myself that I need to stop but I can't, lol.
» Princess_00 on 2006-11-08 11:41:06

I hope everything fairs well and goes according to the plan. =)

re: comment--Aha! I did not buy it--I'm NOT rich and each book is $9.99. I opened it up and read it then&there.
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-08 11:43:04

Yes, you most likely can. XD
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-08 11:53:22

u left me a comment but i dont' what ur trying to say. what about "impression"
» macyxhuynh on 2006-11-09 01:00:48

Hope everything is well
» Dilated on 2006-11-09 01:57:10

Making prayers happen for her... now.
» Dormanium on 2006-11-09 02:10:49

sounds serious... praying for her...
» papaphysix on 2006-11-09 06:11:31

I will blog more about it tonight. I guess we are going to have a family talk around 2 so I need to head over to my sister's house.
» Princess_00 on 2006-11-09 11:45:59

Prayers and have Cops there!
Prayers for you and your Sister and her kids!
» JMC on 2006-11-09 12:42:24

My prayers
are you with your sister and you! I will pray to Saint Rita of Cascia to intercede on her behalf
» stlcardsgal86 on 2006-11-09 01:48:31

i hope your sister is okay! >_<
» razzly on 2006-11-09 01:50:40

ship her out
to another place.. and keep her there for a looongnnggg time.. like months.. maybe even a year... idk... thats so sad... and now i'm anxious too... :(... hope this ends well...
» marymary on 2006-11-09 02:46:47

well isn't that the reason why i wrote the entry. because he was someone important to me.
» macyxhuynh on 2006-11-09 03:58:15

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