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Maui Fever
Friday. 1.26.07 12:38 pm

Show is upsetting local residents

MTV's latest faux-reality semi-scripted hit TV show, Maui Fever, is causing waves of anger across the island by locals who don't think the show accurately portrays life of Maui residents, the AP reports.

The show focuses on a group of good-looking Mainlanders living in Maui. The cameras capture them performing their daily routines, consisting primarily of drinking, hooking up, surfing, hooking up, and drinking while hooking up.

"I thought it was kind of insulting...they just show partying," Abcde Shibao, 16, of Lahaina said. "But (young people are) active in school, community and sports. We do other things besides partying."

Do you care if it's real as long as it's entertaining?


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The show focuses on a group of good-looking Mainlanders living in Maui.

So...mainlanders in Maui aren't allowed to look good? Lol j/k

Seems to me reality shows have taken over our television networks and are overdone, overscripted, voiced over to create some false sense of hyperactive reality. Its no wonder I never turn on the TV anymore.
» PsychoEnigma on 2007-01-26 12:51:57

I've hated "reality shows" since day one.
The only two decent shows I ever saw were "the Surreal Life" and "Top Model".
They actually had character and substanance, unlike the rest.

So frankly, I don't care why people are complaining about the show, as long as they manage to get that crap off TV.

Did you know I haven't watched TV in a couple years? This is the reason why. And because of other shows like this, too.
» elessar257 on 2007-01-26 01:19:35

I would be more insulted about the fact that they focus more on the light-skinned (bleach) blond-haired blue-eyed kids rather than actually have a show with locals who've lived there forever.

But then again, that would be too real for MTV. Mainstream America isn't ready to see THAT much melanin on their TV sets...
» ranor on 2007-01-26 02:24:24

MTV - real?
First of all: since when is anything on MTV very realistic? MTV is all about the crazy flashy not-so-real that is the music industry.

I think the people complaining are being ridiculous. It's a television show. Just another excuse to get as much skin and sex as you can on TV.
It's all rather silly if you ask me.
» invisible on 2007-01-26 10:38:53

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