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What your college education is worth
Thursday. 3.15.07 12:41 pm
You know I just got this email from my boss. It states:

"An extra $27,000 a year for a bachelor's degree, compared to people who did not finish high school. A doctorate is worth another $30,000 on top of that."

I really dont see that happening. At least NOT where I work!!! I just think it is ironic how my boss would send us something like that when I HAVE my bachelors degree and I am getting paid LESS than someone in her department that only has an AA. I dont even know if she has even that!

I have to believe the statistics however because it goes on to say...

According to the data, the median salary for workers with a four-year college degree in 2005 was $40,166 -- compared to just over $13,000 a year for people who did not complete high school.

Those with a high school degree only had a median income of $21,079; for a two-year associate's degree it was $30,937; for a master's degree it was $51,509; for a doctorate it was $70,165. Those with law, medical and other professional degrees topped the list at $76,497.

They believe that the earnings gap is steadily rising. I guess that is good news for me.

lol.... sound fishy? hahahahhaha typo error
» jolenesiah on 2007-03-15 01:10:35

heh, I really need to go back to school. I will sooner or later. I'm not getting paid very much at my job, but its my first one and I'm about as high in the job as I can get. The only position higher is to go to salary and that still doesn't pay much more than what I'm making. Whatev.
Haha, yeah the IQ test did come out with a pretty high number, but I don't think its official. Still pretty funny cuz I wasn't expecting it to be that high. :P
» LostSoul13 on 2007-03-15 01:53:39

I don't think so.

I know of plenty of cases where people with Masters are making less than those with B.S.s, and all sortsa crap.
» ikimashokie on 2007-03-15 06:17:12

I'm sure it'll take a while to cycle through. It doesn't help that I don't really see any logical application for half of the stuff I'm learning, so I don't really see where it's going to get me that extra 27k a year.
» ikimashokie on 2007-03-15 06:22:55

i don't really like to see clients in karaoke similar places because it's simply not safe. and few days ago there were cases of ladies been killed or burned they have been raped. and one of them is a sales repl just like me. how horrifying it is for me to mee that client. but i didn't see him inside of the karaoke... just outside as there are some tables for us to sit and discuss.
» renaye on 2007-03-15 09:33:02

I find that really funny. Of course people who went through 4 years of college are going to make more money then those who didn't FINISH high school. I can say this, major is everything. My boyfriend when working at the IRS met up with one of his old college friends. He was a straight A student and graduated with honors in computer technology, jobs were a pizza place and the IRS...
» Katrina on 2007-03-15 11:11:41

I think the doctoral degree thing is misleading. I don't know about other disciplines, but at least in the case of molecular biology-related Ph.Ds, there's a world of different based on where you work and in which capacity you do your work. Those working in industry tend to make more than those working in academia, with post-docs making the least (understandably) and with the people who actually dabble in the business side of things (usually the bigwigs in industrial labs) making the most. That sucks for me because I really abhor the environment of industrial labs; I'd much rather prefer a position in an academic lab as a research fellow or be a professor or something. But I do think in practical terms as well, which is why I may have to whore myself out to the biotech industry if I want any sort of way to (quickly) pay off student loans... o_O
» ranor on 2007-03-16 12:22:53

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