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Free Loader (Put out or get out)
Wednesday. 4.25.07 12:30 pm
mood: ANGRY

My eldest son is 18, doesnt pay rent, does not help out around the house with cleaning or washing the dishes. He just comes home in time to sleep. In the morning wakes up and leaves the house till night time. He works and does not contribute to any of the bills. I just asked him to get up because I need him to pick up my paycheck to pay the rent. He wont get up and is pissed at me for bothering him.

So I call his dad, who has not paid child support in 4 years, and ask him to call Josh and wake him up! He says that he will. So I wait and wait and wait. My sons phone does not ring. So I call that deadbeat back and ask him, "did you call?" he says, "no. I was just going to do that but then you called." YEAH RIGHT!! Then he said, I will just leave him a message because if he knows I am calling he will want to come here and spend some time cuz he has so much fun here. I said, "I DONT CARE WHAT HE DOES AFTER. I WILL DROP IS A** OFF ANYWHERE HE WANTS TO GO. THAT FREELOADER DOES SH** AROUND HERE AND I NEVER ASK HIM FOR ANYTHING! YOU NEED TO GET HIM UP BECAUSE I NEED THIS MONEY TO PAY THE RENT." I mean like father like son right??!! I feel like I am asking a BLIND man to borrow his walking stick!


So, uh... the men in your life are all great guys, huh? Is your son in school?

I wonder what my mommy thinks of me.. I'm nineteen now, but I dun' have a job. My parents paid for my school first semester but then I got around 8k in scholarships so hopefully she won't see me as a sloth or anything.

Maybe you should just beat the two of 'em up.
» Dilated on 2007-04-25 12:47:12

Sounds like my household, only not as bad. My husband and his brother both pay bills, but they barely help around the house. The only thing they do around the house is mow grass, cook and clean their work clothes. I do the rest: clean their casual clothes, wash dishes, clean, ect.

About your comment, I've made $38 so far and I'm getting $10 soon. How much you'll get paid depends on how much the opportunity is. Some are over $500.
» Kirei on 2007-04-25 01:43:50

My parents would just smack me. Granted, I mooch, but I do some cleaning, and run errands.
» ikimashokie on 2007-04-25 02:00:34

My parents would have been kicked him out, if he didn't want to help with anything. I bet you he be asking you to buy him things.
» atlmuzikfanzinc on 2007-04-25 04:10:15

that sucks. kinda sounds like my sister, but she's only 17 and isn't working yet. She keeps saying that she'll do the dishes and clean this and that, but never does until she has something taken away. Good luck getting him out of the house.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-04-26 01:59:36

calm down dear... maybe the best way to fix things between you & your son is to have a heart to heart talk in a gentle way :D Ask him what are him future plans and some other stuffs like that. And as for his dad... god damn screw him! the fact that he hasn't give you any child support for 4 years... you should sue him!

i know how hard it is to be a single mom especially if you're kid is in 13 - 20 stage. I don't have a kid but i know! i was once a teenager and been there done that and my mom is undergoing the menopausal stage thingy. Oh God! its always a riot here in our house.

i dont think that living with your parents its big deal. but being a free loader is kinda not acceptable.

Talk to him... ( like a teenager ) and explain to him this and that. I hope everything works out. *hugs*
» { K } ( on 2007-04-26 10:40:01



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