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Wednesday. 5.23.07 3:22 am
mood: depressed and in tears
I did NOT get the job and I feel like such a loser. I packed my stuff up at my desk last week with hopes of starting a new job by the end of the month. I took the time to "ask" the universe for this job and put my belief in it and I still did not get it. I had faith that this job would be mine. But now look?! I feel like such a loser! I cant believe it. I cant believe myself. My bf said that I made him second in my life for about a month and now he is just not happy with me. We got into an arguement on friday too. I just want to QUIT school because my education isn't getting me FUCKIN anywhere!!!

I am so upset I just cant sleep! I want to stay up all night like an insomniac.... and I have to work 10 hours tomorrow and I job that I just hate!! I have been such a good person and I always help people. Why is it that when I need help that I just feel so alone??

i feel so sorry for u .... no worry.. soonn u will get a job that really suit u...
and trust me dont be insomniac... because im suffering it now... im having trouble getting sleep sigh..
» jolenesiah on 2007-05-23 09:07:34

I know how that feels. In the last year I've been rejected from more than a few research positions that I would have LOVED to have. Just take a deep breath and hang in there. There's got to be another job out there that would make you happy.

Aw, man. Why is it that when life decides it wants to be crappy, it dumps everything on you at once? You'll make it, I think. It's exactly because you're a good person and a hard worker that I'm sure you'll make it through. Maybe not in the way that you'd expect, but ultimately in a way you'd like, because you're a very strong person. Don't forget that.
» ranor on 2007-05-23 12:09:37

So sorry about the job. You are not alone in all this. There are a lot of good people who have been through the same thing.

Like ranor said. Take a deep breath and hang in there. Things will get better.
» Southern on 2007-05-23 04:45:41

that really sucks about the job. I'm having issues with my own job right now. I'm being threatened with a demotion along with a pay cut and my hours cut all because I didn't want to work on my day off. Its all a bunch of bullshit.
You're such a strong-willed person, I have no doubt that you will be able to get through this and in the end your patience and stamina will be rewarded. I just hope that it comes soon so that you'll be happy again
» LostSoul13 on 2007-05-23 08:38:11

Don't quit. It's not worth it to ruin your future over one measly thing. You've got a whole lot else, too. ;) GOOOO kkamma! WHOO!
» Silver-dot- on 2007-05-23 09:56:19

I leave for a bit and come back to THIS?!

Oh my dear Kkama!
First off, you're not a loser, no matter how much you may feel like it.
You are simply just about one of the most awesome people I know. And I've met quite a few people.

So, don't be so hard on yourself. Seriously.

And you're not alone. Seriously.
» elessar257 on 2007-05-23 11:11:57

hey kkama, like they said. This setback is temporary. Sometimes you ask the Universe for an apple, and the Universe gives you a kiwi. And you have no idea it has given you a kiwi, but trust me-- the Universe knows why. Just focus on gaining even more skills and connections that would allow you to kick ass in the type of job you'd like to have, and someone won't be able not to pick you as their employee!With a single job, it's impossible to tell why they didn't need your particular skills. It could be something totally random. But eventually you'll strike gold. And you can think of your current job as an excellent vantage point from which you can sit and plot and wait and then STRIKE! at jobs as they come along. And it so happens that they pay you while you do that.
» Zanzibar on 2007-05-24 12:24:31

by the way, have you been reading The Secret?
» Zanzibar on 2007-05-24 12:25:31

re : Syndication
Kahea... for some reason, the name that appears on my contributors list is Jack Bauer and not Kahea. And its not updating the result was ' Update complete. 0 new posts were syndicated and 0 existing posts were updated ' but i can see you have an updated post. please double check dear. and lets try to work its out. * hugs *
» { K } ( on 2007-05-24 12:31:07

Maybe the Universe was hearing, "I hate my current job, I hate my current job, boy do I hate my current job- I have to get out of HERE!!!"
» Zanzibar on 2007-05-24 08:21:58

don't worry =] honestly, i feel like that at times too... like noooothing is going right,but dont worry, life is like... er... ying and yang. youcant have good without some bad, because if you don't have bad you won't appreciate the good,so sooner or later, i promise you, your life will turn better =]

dont drop school,just do your best! keep trying! and youknow what, since you didnt get that job, 1) it's their loss not yours, and 2) i'm sure--certain, even--that there's a better job out there, waiting for you to apply. God never closes one door without opening another, and whatever he does for us is for the best, it's a learning step, too.

don't bank on it too much, the not getting that job's not worth the depression. just you wait, within a week or so, you'll see a new one--a better opportunity, just *waiting* for you ;)

and your boyfriend will come around sooner or later, dont worry about it! =hug= ^_^


» Kuri on 2007-05-24 09:22:38

I echo the sentiments of all the previous comments. Plus, IMHO, it doesn't really pay to let someone or something else - especially a job - determine your outlook on life. At the end of the day, it's only a job. Life's way too short, kid.
» A Bowl of Stupid ( on 2007-05-24 12:01:45

Good Luck
On Carnival Of Carnage J said: "I don't look for a job 'cause there's no job looking for me."

I have lived by this for several years now. The worst jobs I've ever had are the one I went out and got myself. The best are the ones that came to me and said "hey, we have a job opening here if you want it."

I've only turned down one of these in my life and I have lived with the regret ever since.

Right now I'm working a job that my friend told me they were hiring at his place of employment. Working out good for me too. Still wish I had taken that job at the airport though. Free airfare anywhere.
» wvjuggalo on 2007-05-25 12:02:23

I'm sorry you didn't get the job. Maybe in the long run it's a good thing. I know you probably don't want to hear that now but everything happens for a reason. I do wish you the best of luck. I don't think you're a loser.... Take Care
» Princess_00 on 2007-05-25 01:04:03

Hi Kahealani,
I'am very sorry to hear that you didn't get
the job. I know how much you wanted it.
I know from my life too, what it feels like to
wan't something badly and then things don't work out.
You may regret later if you stop school without getting the degree you were working for.
You stay strong. You are one tough lady to start.
Take care.
» barbara ( on 2007-05-25 01:23:18

im sorry you didnt get the job. :[[
youre not a loser at all. i have been turned down from many a job.

besides, you get to see pirates tomorrow... just think about that!
» bananaface on 2007-05-25 03:05:38

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