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Let go and Let God
by: Davinne

Let Go And Let God
Most people are held back by the events of their past, but you can't live your life in the past. Worrying about things you can not change only holds you back, you have to move on in order to have a future. Live each day as if it were your last, take each day as a new day. Let things in life worry about itself. Stop worrying and live, life is only what you make it. You only get one chance at life. Someone wise once told me if your still here, it must be a reason. Everyone in life has a reason for being, you have to believe that God, has a purpose for you, for your life. Worrying never really got no one nowhere, sitting around worrying about this and that don't change nothing. Leave the past in the past, and move on the the future. Like a child just learning to walk, we all stumble and fall. It's up to you rather you get up and keep trying or fall and stay down never learning to walk. Nobodies life is perfect even the riches of men have problems, but it's up to you how you deal with those problems. Each situation no matter how bad it is has a lesson to be learned, sometimes God, put you through thiings just to show you something or bring you closer to him. You can make your life better than what it is, but you have to desire it; you have to want it. Live life and stop worrying about it. Remeber each day is a new day, whatever happened in the past is in the past, even if it happened a minute ago you can't back and change what happened in that minute so it's in the past. Love yourself, know that your worthy, know that your life has reason, has purpose. Know that you the only one that could make you life better or worse. Life live don't worry about it. Lift your head up and be strong, you can make if you try. That's all you have to do is try!

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